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Please let us know the reason for your concern. Please choose the option that most closely matches your concern. You can choose the last option if you aren't sure which option to choose. Thank you.

* Belong to another person, to which the user doesn't have any right.

* Defamatory, obscene, and pornographic. They are invading another person's privacy, including bodily privacy.

* It is dangerous for children.

* Infringes any trademark, patent, copyright, or another proprietary right.

*Violates any law that is currently in force.

* Deceives or misleads an addressee as to the message's origin or knowingly and deliberately communicates false or misleading information that could reasonably be interpreted as a fact.

* You pretend to be another person.

* Threatens India's unity, integrity, security, sovereignty, and friendly relations with other States or public order.

* Software virus, any other computer code, program, or file designed to interrupt, disable or limit the functionality of any computer resource.

* It is patently false and untrue and written or published in any format with the intent of misleading or harassing a person, entity, or agency for financial gain or to cause any injury or harm to any person.

* Other (including Consumer Complaints).

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