Parents Management ERP Module

Parents Management ERP facilitates effective communications between parents and teachers. They can communicate with the teaching staff at any point at any time and inquire about any question concerning the children's performance or the classroom environment. Using the software program also removes the need for parent-teacher meetings sessions.

Modules included in Parents management ERP!

  • Student Information :- The Parents ERP Module helps to improve and keep track of student records from their registration to their updated reports. Individual student's complete information is accessible to parents, school admin, and teachers. Teachers and admin can be reviewed, altered, or upgraded when required. Using the module, you can view grades, attendance reports, exams, and student results.

  • Fee Management :- Maintaining an accounting department always has been a challenge for many education institutions. Fee management is now made trouble-free and seamless with user-friendly Parents' ERP solutions. It offers the fee payment online portal. The school administration doesn't waste endless hours processing fee receipts when simple-to-pay accessibility is made accessible with the Parents' management ERP module. Parents can use any of the payment methods to pay the fee. Different fee types are included, such as transportation fees, picnic fees, hostel fees, personalized fee arrangements, concessions operations, etc.

  • Transport Management :- Transport management is among the most important features any Organization could provide. Parents' ERP software offers a comprehensive core solution for so many parents who face transportation issues. Using the Transport Tool, the bus lines and exits, student transportation info, transportation attendance, transportation costs, GPS navigation, and vehicle information are accessible. Attendance in transportation facilitates the safety of the students. Transportation costs include data on routing elements, the proportion of students taking advantage of receiving vehicles, and transportation fees. With the GPS monitoring service, parents and administration will determine bus position and operating hours. This guarantees parents' satisfaction indicating that students are transported efficiently from school. They are also holding vehicle details with registrations, passport, driver as well as other required information.

  • Attendance Management :- Parents Management ERP can view daily records of student attendance. The attendance will be held time-wise or class-wise. The biometric attendance assists in immediate student time and monitoring that eliminates errors in attendance determination.

  • Academic Management :- Timetable track is also another essential module for any best management program. This module shows and tracks student and teacher timetables. It establishes schedules for everyday school, future activities, and reminders for holidays. Parents can check the schedule of their child with this feature.

  • Reports Management :- The Days are gone when parents were eagerly waiting for educational institutions to report cards to see success in their children's academics. The module of Reports and Grades produces student exam detailed reports that function among students, teachers, and parents. The grading system helps the teachers and parents determine students' achievement and then continue with the mentorship and encouragement required.

  • Library Management :- Library management is another prominent aspect of the best applications for Parents module ERP that manages the book's details, keeping a record of books released and returned where they can see their child’s interest. All library-related events are effectively tracked using the framework for library management.

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