School Hostel Management ERP Module

School Hostel Management module or school Hostel Management ERP software assists students and hostel staff to manage their activities in a better way such as admission to hostel, fee payment, mess, academic affairs, fleet management, etc. quickly and very easily.

Modules in School Hostel Management ERP:

  • Admission management :- ERP software starts with the very first procedure itself in the school which is admission. But students also have the option to admit in the hostel, so hostel admission is also needed. Admission management will be very easy and helpful to hostel staff and students through this software.

  • Student management :- Students are categorized underclasses, houses, or sections which make student management effortless. Students can also interact with teachers, principals, hostel staff, or other staff if needed via this module.

  • Fee management :- Hostel management ERP Module handles academic and hostel fee-related activities. Students can get the benefit of various fee payments in school and hostel. Admin can manage their fees and also can do Late fee calculation, check out fines are paid correctly.

  • Hostel activities management :- All the activities inside the hostel like stay, mess, laundry are managed very easily through this module. Hostel staff’s management is also done.

  • Hostel food-management :- This module can also help to track the food ingredients as well as bills management. Food management such as buying food products, monthly bills management, setting daily meal plans, etc. can be done via hostel management ERP.

  • Notice management :- Various notices, reports, publishes on events, fees, exams, activities, etc can be published easily. No fear of missing a notice anymore.

  • Inquiry management :- Various inquiries raised by parents are asked on this module. Answers to their questions are solved effectively and quickly. Teachers, the principal can also ask inquiries, if necessary.

  • Database management :- All information is stored in this section. Only authorized personnel have access to this page. If necessary usage access is granted to specific users. Else no special access is granted.

  • Hostel Sports management :- All activities related to sports are managed under this module. Sports events, inter-school or inter-state matches are managed by computer very easily and effectively. Schools may have contact with other schools in the state or country for sports-related queries.

Benefits of having school Hostel Management ERP software:

  • By making school and hostel management online or computerized, the management work will be much easier.

  • The benefits are much for students, teachers, staff, and parents.

  • The school hostel activities will be neat, tidy, punctual, and error-free.

  • The ERP module integrates all persons who come under school and hostel in a single place.
  • Parents can interact with hostel staff whenever necessary.

  • Parents can also view their children's details like their diet, activities, etc.

  • Each person has an individual or separate usability or login access in this ERP software.

  • ERP software also saves very much time.

  • More efficiency and cost-saving.

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