School Statistics Report Management Module

Many students attend a school which makes it difficult for the school administration to keep track of everything. Keeping physical records updated can be very time-consuming. The chance of error is also very high.

To keep track of every activity, the school administration should use the school statistics report management module. Not only it saves a lot of time, but can also be very effective for making an error-free report.

Various data like student's mark, student attendance, student details, staff attendance, staff details, and so many other things can be stored in a single software.

Various features of school statistics report management ERP software

  • Student report :- For every individual student, you can create a detailed statistical report. You can save student's information like student result, student attendance, student admission, student performance, student time table, etc. All of these data will be interpreted by the software to generate a detailed report for every student.

  • Staff report :- Similarly like a student report, you can keep track of every staff member and save information like total staff count, staff attendance, staff payroll, staff details, staff leave request, etc. The school administration can then use the data to generate a detailed report for every individual staff.

  • Library report :- The school administration can generate detailed statistical library reports which can include various information like library current stock, library fine, library item, etc.

  • Exam report :- The school administration can easily improve the exam quality and maintain discipline in the exams by reviewing the previous exam report. The exam report can include data like exam schedule, exam invigilation duties, exam seating arrangement, exam paper reading arrangement, etc.

  • Fees report :- Keeping track of total fees collection can be done easily with the help of school statistics report management ERP. The report can include data like fee collection, fee dues, etc.

These are some of the features you can enjoy while using school statistics report management ERP software. All of the data can also be stored in the cloud for easy backup.

Reasons why every school administration must use this ERP module Here is why every school administration must use the school statistics report management module.

  • Easy management :- Whenever the school administration decides to check the report, the software will use the data given and will generate a detailed statistical report in an instant. It helps the administration to keep track of everything and make necessary changes in the future if needed.

  • Update report from any location :- Anyone with the correct credentials can log in to the program and do changes as needed. This greatly helps if any of the staff members are not available, but can do changes from the comfort of home.

  • Cloud support :- Unlike the traditional method of storing data, this software is connected to the cloud. As soon as there is a change in data, the cloud gets updated as well. Thus, the school administration need not fear of losing the data as there is always a backup in the cloud.

These are some of the benefits that you can get from using the school statistical report management module. You can always use this software as per your need and do changes accordingly.

If there is any problem with the program, then you can always contact the software developer company and address your problem. Once you use this software, report management will become very easy which will save a lot of time. 

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