Student Management ERP Module

The student management ERP module offers user-friendly dashboards with the login credentials for teachers, staff, parents, and other management personnel of your institution. Different modules are available in student management ERP that facilitates all the procedures from the admission of new students to produce the transfer certificates when students complete their entire studies.

Student Management ERP has many modules such as attendance, timetable, examinations course, results, school news, hostel, library, calendar, events, finance, and many more. There is a human resource module for managing payroll and employee pay receipts. The finance module is helpful to allot and plan various fee structures. It is an excellent collaboration tool.

How is the school management ERP module helpful?

As schools have comprehensive subjects and complex patterns for exams, the need for going digital is essential. These are a few benefits of the school management system.

  • Motivates teachers to teach via the E-learning platform.

  • Keep students as well as children and their parents in the connectivity loop all the time via email, SMS, and mobile applications.

  • Go paperless, provide e-reports on one button click.

  • Decrease the task of the school’s administrative department. ERP will handle every work for students and school easily.

  • Keep track of students' performance to and from home.

  • Enhance the website presence to display your school’s aim and goal for education.

  • Online admissions to drive student enrollment and better efficiency.

  • Online fee collection and receipt generation for error-free e-payments.

    Student Management ERP Module is the program that automates all activities conducting various apartments of school which relates to the students managing. It creates a platform where transparency is maintained between parents, teachers, and school management. ABC provides one such software which is widely used for easy management.

    Various benefits of student management ERP!

    At ABC, students' modules are created in a way that offers a complete insight into their performance, results, timetable, etc.

    • It offers transparent communication between parents and teachers. At any of the points, they can communicate with school management and teachers.

    • Students can ask about any query for children’s performance or school curriculum.

    • If any of the occasions is about to take place in the school or if children have participated in any of the school activities that aim at holistic development, the notification is then sent to students as well as their parents via the student management ERP module. If students are not able to attend the event, then they can explore the photos in the gallery section.

    • Sometimes teachers wish to interact for important points with students about their course or studies. Such interaction can be done using this software.

    • And at last, students can easily check out the latest news about their school and can check their results, timetable, examination syllabus using this software.

    To access various information, students are asked to login via user id and password by which they are redirected to their dashboard having their complete details. They can view every detail. Thus, it is said that student management software brings transparency between teachers and students in school.

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