Teacher Management ERP Module

Teacher ERP module software is management software and has a user-friendly dashboard with login access for the faculties to help them manage the tasks with ease. Entire Guru is a professional company to offer such a teacher management tool at an affordable cost to make the work of teachers easy and effective. There are different modules available for different tasks to make it easy for the teachers to maintain the record. It works as the necessary tool for the teacher and as a digital tool for organizing the activities. It helps in maintaining the records, the student’s information and exam details and much more. With our Teacher Management, ERP module parents and teachers will be able to access the reports for children in a single click.

What are the various modules we are offering in our teacher’s management ERP module tool?

  • Database :- The database is the core of the Teacher Management ERP module and helps to keep track or record the subjects, student’s information, group, school on a very easy and friendly interface for the user. The main thing about our ERP module is that it doesn’t ask for any internet connection, as it will help to manage the activities and can automate the tasks. The huge database that teachers maintain lasts for a long time or say for life unless and until the software is present. Teachers can search for particular records within second in this management, they no longer need to waste time searching.

  • Reports:-This helps to correct the deficiencies, helps to make decisions easier on the basis of performances of the students and groups. It makes the vision clear and helps to maintain the reports in a very simple way. Teachers can easily prepare reports of students in this management system and can send them to their parents and students separately along with notifying them. They can also upload documents or assignments accordingly and provide them to students.

  • Planner:-The planner or say time table contains the overall teaching plans for all the grade students that can be re-editable and can be customized and are in a word file format. These planners contain 3 stages: the start section, the development, and conclusion, and are enhanced with the checklists, internal, and the external content with evaluation.

  • Interaction:-Teachers from their module can interact with the parents and students to whom they wish to contact personally or can even arrange meetings there online for presenting all the details of students to their respective parents. Also, teachers can communicate with a particular student for anything.

  • Store necessary documents:-Teachers here in the teacher management ERP module can upload and make documents they need such as question papers for tests or examinations, their IDs, report cards, assignments, etc. They can anytime access those and make changes whenever needed.

  • Evaluation is done subject wise:-The teacher can grab the assessments done by students according to the subject both on a numerical scale or by providing customized grades. This information can be consulted later on for generating reports of assessment or regular test subject wise by students or groups.

Benefits of these ERP modules

The work of teachers gets very easy with this Teacher management ERP tool. There are some of the benefits while managing the teacher ERP module and they are given below:

  • The registration process for students is easy to use along with maintaining heir attendance.
  • The reporting systems are extensive.
  • You can customize the learning category for every student.
  • The system between the teachers and students is intranet and internet-based.
  • You can customize the tools for the features related to the community.
  • There are tools for the authority of the module holder so that they can upload new content whenever they feel like it.
  • There are various settings related to personalizing the institution that you are conducting.

There are many teachers and faculties who are working hard and are trying to maintain the record by improving the efficiency of their management system. They are seeking management and analysis tools that they can apply for their management of everything and some strategies that might help. Teacher management ERP module helps and guides the teacher for their management program and helps them to maintain everything just a single click away from the process of doing the record and maintaining it.

The teacher management ERP module system covers the entire variety of school requirements. It also enhances the faculty system management. In it, you can manage all the teachers' numbers in the school, their details, their salary details, etc. Also as per the subject of expertise of staff, you can keep the tab on every activity closely. It helps you to run a smooth management system and make it easy to manage the complete team of faculties in the school.

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